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Styling a Room with Matalan Direct

I was recently challenged by Matalan Direct to style two rooms with one of their rugs. We've recently been a

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Week 34 Pregnancy Update

I’ve seriously slacked with my pregnancy updates. After scrolling through my recent posts and realising that my last pregnancy post was over 12 week

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Week 34 Pregnancy Update

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 7 Months (& 3 days) of Lily-locket. She has learnt so much this past month. She'll wave when you say 'hi' and it won't be long till she's sitting up all on her own. Lily likes to go her own pace. She's slowly growing a love for food and I can't wait till she can explore the rest of her wardrobe, as I feel like she's been wearing her 0-3 Months clothes for way too long. I wouldn't have her any other way though. #7monthsold #7monthsoldtoday
 Lily's twinning with her Aunty Bek-Bek today!
 How sweet are these Beatrix Potter figurines Lily was bought by her beautiful Godmother @lovebeckax Love how Lily's nursery is becoming more personal to her! We're currently on the hunt for the perfect Highchair - so if anyone has any recommendations, please let me know! There's so many to choose from.
 We've had a slow start to our day (it's allowed on a Sunday, right?!)  In love with one of our new @lilyroseco's Prints in Lily's nursery.
 Last night was potentially the last night Lily will sleep in her @snuzuk Pod  She's growing too quick!
 can't wait for Lily to fit into this pretty dress.
 Fresh, new bedding.
 I've actually had a REALLY productive Sunday for once! Here's to another successful day tomorrow.. hoping to finish working on all the new @lilyroseco products including this baby Print! Can't wait to pop it on the wall in Lily's nursery