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JEM + BEA Amber Changing Bag

I couldn’t wait to find the perfect changing bag when I was pregnant with Lily. I’m definitely a handbag kinda’ girl, so when I discovered that

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Lily’s 3 Month Baby Update

I can’t believe that I’m writing a 3 month baby update. These past 3 months have flown by and we’re enjoying every minute. Everything has ch

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Baby, Reviews
JEM + BEA Amber Changing Bag
My Labour and Lily’s Birth Story

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 My girlie  #motheranddaughter
 That’s Christmas over for another year! My house is going to feel so bare once I’ve finished taking the decorations down ✨
 This one’s all ready for Christmas ❤️ thanks to Aunty ✨ Me, on the other hand.. I’ve got about 136787+ presents to wrap and a house to get ready!
 Minnie and the pups are 5 days old today  Bella has been amazing and they’ve already grown SO much!
 Reunited with this little one
 Meet the four new additions to our home  They arrived into this world as a complete surprise! Bella had no bump and was acting her normal playful self; even running and rolling around in the snow earlier on in the week. We let her out for a run round the garden on Thursday and when we called her in she didn’t respond. My other half went out to fetch her and found these cuties cuddled up to her. Not only had she given birth, they were perfectly clean and already latched on. They’re now all settled in (thank god for our under-floor heating!) and after a trip to the vet, are all healthy and happy. These Pom X Staffy pups are going to be the most unique yet cutest pooches!
 We’ve had the busiest couple of weeks, now I can’t wait to slowww down  Lily’s nearly walking (she took 6 whole steps today!) so she’s keeping me on my toes! And, as you can see.. she’s obsessed with her Advent Calendar Roll on the next two weeks!
 Happy 1st of December!I’ve not finished decorating our house yet, but we’re getting there ✨ Outdoor lights are going up tomorrow!