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Styling a Room with Matalan Direct

I was recently challenged by Matalan Direct to style two rooms with one of their rugs. We've recently been a

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Week 34 Pregnancy Update

I’ve seriously slacked with my pregnancy updates. After scrolling through my recent posts and realising that my last pregnancy post was over 12 week

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Week 34 Pregnancy Update

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 We had such a lovely day for Lily's Christening yesterday!!
 Having a quick tidy up in Lily's nursery, ready to move her in here any night now.  How is she 6 months already?!
 Lily is 6 months old today!! #6monthsoldtoday #6monthsold
 Cute new cutlery from @nextofficial  Still obsessed with initials - if you hadn't noticed too!
 Ready to have a mad tidy and clean, ready for Lily's Christening this weekend. Let's hope Lily finds the Hoover as entertaining as she usually does..
 We started weaning Lily this week - most of it has ended up on her face but she's started to get the idea.  I can't believe she's very nearly 6 months old already!
 Receiving your first 'Mummy' Birthday card is the best!
 Birthday flowers to fill my enormous vase! Turning 24 ain't too bad  Had the best Birthday yesterday!!