Lily’s 3 Month Baby Update

I can’t believe that I’m writing a 3 month baby update. These past 3 months have flown by and we’re enjoying every minute. Everything has ch

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My Labour and Lily’s Birth Story

Thank you so much for all the love you’ve sent our way as we welcome our baby, Lily Grace Ann into this world. The past two weeks have been a bit of

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My Labour and Lily’s Birth Story

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 Can't wait for Lily to fit into this.. Her A/W wardrobe is already looking amazing!
 Trying to take a photo of Lily in the bath while she's not splashing me.. is quite the task
 I've finally got round to having tons of photos printed that have been maxing out my phone storage. Now.. onto the task of finding pretty frames. Any ideas where to look?
 Starting to buy Lily's A/W wardrobe as she's fast out-growing her clothes  Picked up this adorable bunny to give to a new addition in our family too. Isn't it adorable?!
 Having extra cuddles from this one, after my Gran passed away today  She was the strongest, most out-spoken lady you'd ever meet and we'll miss her more than words can say.
 Added a few new jewellery pieces from my shop, @lilyroseco to my collection.
 That's all my bridesmaids asked! Apart from one (who just hasn't had her official card just yet ) @lovebeckax @livyjacko @rachaelsheppard11
 This one melts my heart ❤