Baby Girl Nursery Inspiration

My pregnancy is just whizzing by and I’m now starting to panic that we don’t have everything bought or decorated. Don’t get me wrong we’ve done a lot of decorating in our house these last few weeks. But, I’m quickly heading into my last trimester and I’d love to hurry up and get our nursery finished so there’s somewhere to store all our baby’s ever-growing belongings. Her clothes are currently folded up in bags upon bags around the room. I’ve been collecting lots of pretty things to decorate the space with too. So, I thought it’d be a good idea to gather all my inspiration for the nursery, so I can finally make some final decisions. Planning how to decorate the nursery is so exciting, yet so daunting. I want to create what I have imagined in my head – whatever that may be!

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Kids Cloud Wallpaper – Zara Home

When I first found out we were pregnant, I envisioned our nursery to be monochrome and pretty simplistic. Fast forward to finding out that we were having a girl and I now want everything to be pink! We’ve settled for a blush pink with white and grey accents – which are my favourite colours! It’s almost impossible to find the most perfect blush pink paint. I may have finally found the perfect shade from Crown’s Period Collection in Ballet Shoes – it looks nothing like the swatch on our walls though. I’d still like to grab a couple more testers before making our final decision at the weekend, when the decorating starts! Then we can start ordering and building up the furniture.


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Rabbit All Star Wallpaper – Peony & Sage,

Woodland Fawn Wallpaper in Vintage Pink and Dove Grey – Mimi and Mae

Something else I’ve always imagined in our nursery is a feature wall of wallpaper. We don’t have any wallpaper up in our home, but I’d really like to have a pattern or illustration to add some detail to the room. I didn’t want anything too bold, as I’d love for it to grow with our child. I’ve now got to whittle down my four favourites and finally order the rolls. I only want one wall wallpapering where our cotbed will sit in front. We’re using our smallest spare room for the nursery, as it’s the perfect shape too.


Anyone else recently decorated their baby’s nursery or panicking like me to get theirs finished?


  • Anna Hughes

    I’m 18 weeks, so we haven’t started yet as we want to find out the sex first. But I’m still panicking as the rooms a right mess. Scan dates 30th August, so I’m hoping we can get our paint chosen between then and when we go on holiday on 9th September, so we can start working on it when we get back. But with my partner working full time, and I don’t really want to be around the paint fumes too much it may be a bit of a struggle! I may have to ask family for help.

  • Such adorable ideas! I can’t wait to see what you do with the nursery, judging by this it’s going to be fab.


  • I can’t wait to see what you do. I love the bunny wallpaper so much. We’ve just painted our nursery a pale green as we don’t know what we’re having. I’m going to try and find some stickers instead of wallpaper as we’ve got the furniture in the room now.

    Debbie x Hello Deborah

  • Claudia

    All these ideas is making me want a girl!! Your inspiration choices are beautiful and with your style and colour choices her room is going to be perfect! Hope you are well xx

  • I love that subtle pink paint color! Just gorgeous!!!