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 If only wearing pyjamas in public was not socially unacceptable. These are my new favourite set from @marksandspencer SO incredibly cosy!  Another reason I love this time of the year. There’s a new blog post all about our Christmas Eve traditions on my blog  Buying new pyjamas is a firm favourite! #mymarks #ad
 she’s so cuteeee!  This was her VERY first taste of cake, at her Cake Smash photoshoot a couple of weeks ago.
 Forever obsessed with ‘lil @zara handbags
 Happy 1st Birthday to our Lily-locket!  I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since you made a surprising entrance into this world! Coming home weighing a tiny 4 1/2 lb to now standing up and speed crawling around the house. You love your sleep (just like her daddy!), loves to boogie and wave goodbye. We can’t wait to see what your next year will bring!!
 1 year of Lily Grace Ann ❤️ #1stbirthday #1yearoldtoday
 SO proud of this little one  We’ve just been to her 1 year HV check up and she’s grown SO much! She now weighs an amazing 18lb and is measuring really tall. I can’t believe she turns 1 in a matter of weeks ❤️
 Better late, than never!  11 months of Lily-Locket  Crawling, standing, endless babbling and never-ending games of Peek-a-boo  Can’t believe she’s turning 1 in a couple of weeks! #11monthsold
 I’ve had such a productive week  We’ve set a date for the Wedding, booked the venue and photographer.. and I’m about to start dress shopping  4.8.18  YAY!