JEM + BEA Amber Changing Bag

I couldn’t wait to find the perfect changing bag when I was pregnant with Lily. I’m definitely a handbag kinda’ girl, so when I discovered that Changing Bags were no longer just practical, but stylish too; I went on the search for the perfect one! I had that much choice that I ended up ordering this bag a week after Lily was born. It was one of the first things I did when we got home from the hospital, as it was the only thing stopping us having our first outing. I guess any bag would have done, but when you’ve been so excited for your baby to arrive, you want everything to be how you imagined.

I discovered the brand, Jem + Bea when I was scrolling through Instagram one evening and instantly fell in love with their Amber Changing Bag. Available in black or a pastel white/grey, I opted for the black as I intend to use it throughout the seasons. Their whole range of changing bags are stunning. You almost wouldn’t realise they are changing bags until you see the useful compartments inside. Once I knew I had to have a Jem + Bea Changing Bag in my life, it was so easy to choose their Amber design. I just love the simplicity.

The Changing Bag includes a padded changing mat, leather key holder and detached long strap. I also bought Jem + Bea’s Stroller Straps, but love using the longer strap if I’m without Lily’s pram. The compartments are perfect for me, as I use the zipped pocket for my phone, purse, keys and a bit of makeup. While there is a thermo-insulated bottle pocket and four more pockets, which I keep extra bottles and nappies in. I love that I’m able to fill it to the brim for a day out or just quickly pop in the essentials without the bag looking empty. The bag is made from 100% Tumbled Calf leather, which I must admit I’ve never bought a leather handbag before. Apart from a white scuff/tear mark which appeared within the first week of using the bag (god knows how that happened!) it’s taken shape really well.

Being a handbag addict, I was always worried that I’d be constantly buying Changing Bags. I thought I’d never be satisfied. But, I can’t see myself getting bored of this one any time soon! It’s practical, yet if you didn’t tell me it was a Changing Bag – I’d love it the same as a handbag. It also doesn’t look over feminine that my other half wouldn’t use it. He’s already took it for a trip out and happily clipped it onto our pram.

Anyone like me and dreaded finding a Changing Bag that you’d love? I quickly realised that there are tons upon tons of stylish Changing Bags, but I’m so glad I chose Jem + Bea’s Amber Changing Bag.


  • This is the classiest changing bag ever, I love it! x

  • Hi Abby! Shannon here.

    This bag is so sheek. I was just looking at this overly blue baby bag full with character designs and now you totally changed my perspective on what I want lol. It doesn’t look too far behind from a actually hand bag.

    Must buy for sure! Thanks for the review.
    xx Shannon //