Lily’s 3 Month Baby Update

I can’t believe that I’m writing a 3 month baby update. These past 3 months have flown by and we’re enjoying every minute. Everything has changed, yet nothing has changed. It’s so hard to explain but she has fitted into our lives perfectly. I wish I had documented each month till now, but with Christmas and a lot going on.. I’ve only just managed to get round to posting again.


Lily has always had a strong neck, she was holding her neck as soon as she was born. So, it didn’t take long till she was rolling onto her side – which isn’t ideal when you’re trying to change her dirty nappy! She loves laying on her play mat and kicking the hanging toys while squealing at the top of her lungs in excitement. Within the past couple of weeks she has started to pull herself up. It always comes as quite the surprise, but I know it won’t be long till she fully supports herself sat up. She definitely doesn’t like to lay still!

Recently, she has started to grab her soft toys. Before that, it was just my hair she’d grab (which isn’t fun when you’re trying to put her down). She’s also recently discovered her hands. They are usually in her mouth when she’s awake. For some reason she loves to fit her whole fist in at once!


I don’t know how much she currently weighs but she weighed 8lb 4oz at 10 weeks old, and I feel like she’s grown so much in the last two weeks. She’s finally in her newborn clothes and although some newborn sizes are still big on her, most fit her pretty well now.

Her 8 weeks jabs went smoothly at first. She didn’t cry much and then was happy for the rest of the day. Lily was then her normal self for the next 24 hours then suddenly stopped feeding. She ended up drinking just 4oz within 12 hours, when she normally feeds anything between 3-5oz every 3 and a half hours. We already had a HV appointment that day, and she fetched a doctor to give her a good check over. They were both concerned about her ‘mottled’ skin, which she’d acrually had since she was born. We headed home to keep trying her with milk for the next hour before the need of taking her into hospital. But to our relief, within the hour she gulped down a considerate amount of milk. Of course, I’m now dreading her next jabs next week due to the reaction she had with one of the live jabs.


If you’re a parent, you will know that one of the main things someone will say to you when you’re expecting your first child is about the sleep deprivation. We’ve been super lucky that Lily is really easy to put to sleep. Apart from when she has a growth spurt and wants extra milk, she’s slept a good 6/7 hours since we let her around a month old. Before that we were waking her up due to her weight. More often than not, she’ll wake us up babbling to herself or kicking her legs in excitement. I love waking up in the morning to look over her crib and find a massive grinning baby looking back!


I’ve tried to put Lily into a routine since around a month old. Although I would love to be able to bath her in the evening and then put her to sleep after a bottle, by the time it gets to the evening I am pretty tired. So, bath time is usually in the afternoon when we can both enjoy it. Her evening routine involves getting her changed into a cosy sleepsuit and having a bottle while laid in our bed. I then move her into her crib and switch off our lamp. As she gets older, we’ll add to this. For the time being this works perfectly for her.

We’re quickly getting used to her new sleep, play, eat routine in the daytime. It really hit me when she suddenly didn’t sleep between each feeds. I love how much more interactive she is now though.


I’m going to write a separate post with all the baby essentials and ‘luxuries’ we’ve loved using for Lily. But, I have to mention our SnuzPod. I don’t know what we’d have done without it. I love everything about it. Her Mamas and Papas Apollo Bouncer is so useful in the daytime too. She loves sitting in it kicking her legs and since the batteries have ran out (she loved it that much) she still likes to jiggle about in it and play with the hanging toys. She’s always loved bright lights (mainly the TV), so we’ve also had plenty of use out of her Mamas and Papas Starlite Swing. She’ll follow the LED lights giggling and squealing in excitement. Sophie the Giraffe has also been a god send, this past week while she’s been showing signs of teething. Giving her something she can put in her mouth has helped settle her when she’s super dribbly and red cheeked.

So that’s Lily’s 3 month update! I’m sure I’ve missed a million things, but I’ll be sure to post another when she’s 4 months. I can’t wait to get back into writing regular posts and sharing Lily’s milestones. They’ll also be plenty of lifestyle and my usual home interior posts in between.