Oliver Bonas Spring Wishlist

I took a little break from the internet recently. It was my Birthday last weekend, which worked out perfectly in the middle of the Bank Holiday for Easter. I consumed way too much cake and turned the big 22! The weather has been pretty perfect here in England too!!

We should be moving within the next month or so – if all goes to plan. We’re going to be down sizing for a little while, so I’ve been spending the weekend sorting through what furniture we’re not attached to and what we can get rid of. I love de-cluttering, but I’ve already made a massive list of what I want to buy to add to our new place. I’ve been obsessing over the Oliver Bonas site all afternoon, so wanted to share with you some bits I’m planning on ordering soon. They sell so much good stuff!


Fig Cassis Scented Owl Candle
I have a few kitchen drawers full of un-opened and un-burned candles waiting till we move. I was lucky enough to receive some new ones for my Birthday.

Copper Alphabet Letter
I already have a few initial letters around out home, but of course when I obsess over something, I want it in everything colour, style and design.

Large Curve Vase I noticed earlier this week that I only really have one large vase. It’s a basic one from Ikea, so I made a mental note to find a pretty new one. I love the style of the Curve Vase by Oliver Bonas.

Set of four Pineapple Spoons
These Pineapple Spoons have to make it into my kitchen! They are adorable, and I love the finish of them.

Studio Storage Box
With down-sizing, I know storage is going to be a massive thing in our new place. I’m already collecting plenty of nice patterned boxes and baskets, so I can store everything neatly away.

Wire Bin
I actually don’t have a bin in my office at the moment. This Copper Wire Bin would look great in there.

Eiffel Tower Drawer Pull
Oh my! I love this Eiffel Tower Drawer Pull. I can’t wait to purchase it and find a place to have it.

Anyone else becoming slighting obsessed with Oliver Bonas recently? I want every copper thing they sell! I just wish I lived closer to one of their stores. Although, my bank balance is thanking me!


  • So many pretty home wears! I wish they had a store near me. I need that Owl & wire bin

  • I have recently found Oliver Bonas and have become slightly obsessed with it. I love the copper wire bin and the owl candle is so cute. I really like Oliver Bonas’ plates and cups, I may have to have another look online.

    Beth x

  • T

    The pineapple spoons are sooooo cute!

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  • I adore those pineapple spoons! 😀

  • I love those watermelon cups!

    Sophie Cliff

  • I’m obsessed with Oliver Bonas! They do THE best stuff, usually it’s quite reasonably priced too. I love the pineapple spoons so much! x

    Josie’s Journal

  • I love Oliver Bonas so much! I always have to drag myself out of there before I spend too much! Thank you for sharing this! 🙂 xx

  • These are all really pretty picks! I feel like it’s easier to find cute home products like these in the UK than it is in the States. Lucky!