SnuzPod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib Review

I was pretty clueless when it came to looking for a baby crib. There were so many options and I really didn’t know where to start. I didn’t know if I wanted a standalone crib, a Moses basket or something we could co-sleep with. I just wanted something that I knew was safe. When I received an email to see if I’d like to collaborate with Snüz and review their SnuzPod 3 in 1 Crib, I was over the moon. I was getting no where with our decision on what crib to buy, so this came at the perfect time. I had seen a few other bloggers with a SnuzPod but didn’t realise how practical they were. Of course it’s a major bonus that they look so beautiful too.

I opted for the white SnuzPod and was so excited to see it in all it’s glory when we assembled it. We had a little struggle with a couple of the poppers of the fabric, but the rest went together with real ease.

The SnuzPod can be used in three different ways; a bassinet, standalone crib or bedside crib. We originally planned to attach the SnuzPod to our bed and use it as a bedside crib. But, we ended up just using it as a standalone crib as it fitted perfectly in the small space we had between our bed and the wall. It also made it super easy to just move the crib to clean and hoover underneath. If you wanted to use it as a bedside crib, it comes complete with straps to either wrap around and tighten round your divan base or attach to your bedframe. We also ended up leaving the side to the SnuzPod up, although it has a zip you can un-do and be even closer to your little one. We found the mesh side good enough, as you can easily see them sleeping soundly.

The bassinet can be removed from the stand, which is ideal if you want something to move around. We often had it downstairs in the daytime. It would be great to travel with too.
The rocking stand was something I discovered after a few months. I had missed this and must have been blind to notice. To my defense, I did notice it didn’t rock the best on thick carpet.

I found the canvas shelf on the bottom really handy. This stored extra nappies and baby clothes; which was nice to have an extra dedicated space to store baby stuff. I received the SnuzPod Pocket which was even more helpful at keeping everything to hand. I often stored baby wipes and more nappies in here. I love how this looks.

The Snuz Bedding is what really sets off the crib. Of course, you don’t need the bedding to make proper use out of the Crib. But, we bought a few different sheets and blankets, and nothing compared to our Snuzpod bedding. I love the Snuz Reversible Baby Blanket. It’s incredibly soft and was ideal for Lily when we bought her home. She struggled to keep her temperature for the first week of her life. The Snuz blanket was easy to add layers on top of as it still feels super breathable.

The Snuz fitted sheets were just as soft and washed really well. I loved that I was able to rush them through the tumble dryer, as that was a massive help in the early days.

Lily slept like a dream in the SnuzPod. I definitely think it helped her instantly sleep through the night due to her being so close to us. For the first couple of months, we were having to wake her every 3 hours for a feed due to her slow weight gain and jaundice. But, as soon as she reached a comfortable weight and we were able to let her sleep through the night; we counted our blessings for being able to catch up on our sleep.

Lily slept in her SnuzPod for 7 months. At 7 months we moved her into her cot. This was only down to the fact that we wanted her in her own room as we were constantly tip-toeing about our bedroom. She still had plenty of room left in the SnuzPod as she’s a little dot. But, in all all honesty I was gutted to move her into her Cot bed.

If you or someone are expecting a baby, I’d wholeheartedly recommend the SnuzPod crib. It definitely made having a newborn that bit easier!