Week 19-21 Pregnancy Update + Gender Reveal!

I’ve been a little behind with my pregnancy updates recently, but I didn’t want to miss out a big chunk from my last update till now. I’ve been so busy launching our shop‘s new website and getting a few DIY jobs done around the house. So, I’ve been a little quiet here on the blog. I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant (where has the time flown?!). I’ve documented the last few weeks in my pregnancy journal, so I thought it would only be right to post it on my blog too.

If you don’t follow me on any of my social media channels or missed the announcement, we’re having a baby girl! We were so over the moon with the news as Chris desperately wanted a girl. I wasn’t too fussed as the clothes for boys are super cute too! And, there wasn’t anything else which made me want either gender. But, it worked out perfectly. We have to head back to the hospital for another anomaly re-scan in the next couple of weeks. Everything so far has shown that our baby is in perfect health – which is of course the most important thing. It would seem that our little girl does not like staying still as she has been up to all sorts of tricks on each scan. We’ve had six scans to date and she has not stayed still during any of them!

How I’m feeling?

I’ve been feeling the best I’ve felt since finding out I was pregnant!

Weight Changes

I still haven’t weighed myself but I feel a lot heavier. Trying to put off finding out untill after the baby has arrived so I don’t stress about it. It’s been a great help that the batteries in our scales have ran out!

How I’m changing?

My bump hasn’t grown much in the last couple of weeks. I’m desperate for a big bump, which I never thought I’d ever say. But, I feel like I’m still in that stage where people would think that I’m either bloated, let myself go a little or none the wiser.


My pelvic girdle pain has been quite bad recently. My right leg has given way a few times and it’s worse when I’ve been sitting or lying down. I few people have mentioned that it might be sciatica as I do have a suspected slipped disk in my back, but I know that’s quite rare. I’ve also been suffering quite badly with nose bleeds. I’ve been having atleast one every couple of days, but I’m hoping it’s just the pollen aggravating them. Apart from the above, I’ve not had many symptoms at all. I’m full of energy and back to eating my normal portions.


I haven’t felt many movements which I think are definitely kicks. I have a anterior placenta, so I reckon it’s cushioning all her movements for now.


I’ve basically been craving mashed potatoe. Chris is getting sick of it… I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could!

Food Aversions?

I’ve kept away from the smell of fish and haven’t come across any tomato soup, so I’ve not suffering from either of them recently.

Best Moment of this week…

Finding out the gender! We’re so over the moon to finally found out. If you read from my previous updates, you’d know that I’m so impatient and was desperate to find out. It definitely feels a lot more real now and we can start properly shopping for her wardrobe. We’ve also chosen her name, so it’s nice referring to her as a ‘her’ or by her name. Instead of ‘the baby’.

Looking forward to…

Buying our pram! I’ve got a few I want to check out in person, but all the ones we’ve looked at so far I’ve hated! They looked a lot different online. So, I’m hoping we fall in love with one pretty soon. I really want to get it ordered so that’s one big thing out the way. I never thought I’d be so excited shopping for a pram though!

I’ll be back with my next update this weekend. I’ve had so many changes and new exciting things happening in the last week, so I can’t wait to share!


  • Congratulations on a baby girl! I’m glad you’re feeling so good now.

    I’m not weighing myself either. I don’t see the point as I can deal with whatever the weight is when baby arrives. I try not to eat too much rubbish but I’m not going to beat myself up if I have two slices of cake instead of one.

    Have you tried a pillow between your knees for the PGP?

    Make sure you take your car with you when trying out prams. I had three prams in mind, but only one would fit in the boot so my decision was made for me.

    Loving your updates. I’ve been posting mine to if you’d like to see, the latest is my 27 to 28 weeks pregnancy update.

    Debbie x

  • Congratulations on your baby girl! I can’t wait to hear the name you’ve picked out. You have the cutest style already – the little bunny shoes and the “wink” baby gro are so sweet xx

    Angi http://www.twodifferentworlds.com

  • Aww congratulations 🙂 I guessed it was a girl on one of your updates a while back! I’m 28 weeks pregnant and I craved mashed potato for weeks during my first & second trimester, and cheesy chips haha. I’m sure your bump will pop out soon, from about 6 months onwards mine got huge x

    Just Little Things

  • So excited for you! I had an anterior placenta too – I’m sure you’ll feel all her big kicks once she’s a little bigger herself 🙂 xx