Week 22 Pregnancy Update | Pram Shopping and Morning Sickness

I’m so excited to update you this week. I seem to be two weeks behind again, but I’ve been recording everything in my prenancy journal. So, I thought I’d catch up with my blog updates. I’ve been feeling pretty well and we’ve been buying quite a lot recently. Time is really going by quickly now!

How I’m feeling?

I’ve been feeling really good apart from my morning sickness returning this week. Sometimes I forget that I’m actually pregnant as I seem to be feeling completely normal. I’ll probably eat my words next week though!

Weight Changes

I’m sure I’ve put on quite a bit of weight, as I’m now starting to feel really big. But, I’m yet to check…

How I’m changing?

Again, my bump hasn’t really ‘popped’. I’ve of course put a lot of weight on my stomach. But, if you’ve been around me in the last couple of weeks you’d hear me banging on about how I want a ‘real’ bump. I still feel like I’ve just ate a bit too much and that people will think that I’m just bloated.


My pelvic girdle pain hasn’t been too bad this week. It’s a nice relief considering it was bothering me last week. Apart from the morning sickness I haven’t been experiencing any new symptoms or any symptoms which have stuck out.


I’ve finally felt movements and they’ve quickly progressed into strong kicks. With my placenta being anterior I have been told a few times not to expect many early movements or strong kicks. But, that doesn’t stop you worrying that you’ve not yet felt anything for definite. I was un-sure whether it was my stomach rumbling or if it was indeed our little one moving around. But, this week her movements have progressed really quickly and her kicks often make me jump! I’ve not noticed any patterns yet; she moves quite often throughout the day and what seems like all through the night. Chris was even able to feel her wriggling around at the beginning of the week! It seemed like she was following his hand too – which was sweet!


Mashed potatoe all day everyday. My morning sickness has come back this week and I’ve been trying really hard to make sure I eat as soon as I get up and have plenty of snacks throughout the day. That seems to do the trick, stopping the sickness from getting too bad. I’m sure it’ll pass again.

Food Aversions?

I’ve not been bothered by much this week. Of course, I still dread to come across the smell of tomato soup. But, luckily not many people are eating it due to being Summer. There’s been plenty of salad around – which I’ve been loving!

Best Moment of this week…

Feeling her kicks for sure! We also had a re-scan for our 20-week anatomy, as we were missing one meaurement to fully check her heart. Unfortunately, she was still moving a lot and the sonographer still couldn’t get to the angle of the heart she needed. The check had only come in this year. So, it’s nothing to worry about. It gave us another opportunity to see her wriggling around again! Think we’ve been extremely lucky to have nine ultra-sounds in total. Although, of course I wish we never needed the early ones.

Looking forward to…

Buying more bits for the baby! I’ve absolutely loved shopping for her clothes. With plenty of Summer sales popping up all over the place I’ve been stocking up for next Summer too. I mentioned that we were going pram shopping in my last update and I’m so excited that we’ve now ordered the Mamas and Papas’ Urbo² Bundle in Chestnut. I spotted this a couple of weeks back. When I then saw my friend Becka using it – I just knew it was the one! We’ve delayed delivery of it until Septemper, where it’ll be arriving at my brother’s house. We were lucky enough that he treated us to it too! My mum mentioned that it can be bad luck to have it in your house before the baby arrives, so we’re keeping it there till she arrives.

I’m hoping to post a ‘bump’ photo with my next update. Here’s to hoping it finally ‘pops’ and stops looking like I’m just really bloated!

If anyone else is posting their pregnancy updates, please leave me your blog links! I’d love to find more blogs to follow.


  • I love reading these! Glad to hear that you’ve felt her kick, I can’t imagine how special that must be!

    Abbi | http://www.simplyabbi.com

  • Oh I feel for you with your morning sickness. I felt better last week but it came back really bad yesterday! Think I’d been sick 5 times before 10am xx

  • How lovely! Buying things for your baby sounds like the most exciting thing! 🙂 xx


  • I’m so glad I found your blog! I’m 13 weeks at the minute so it’s lovely to see light at the end of the tunnel. I’m struggling with morning sickness at the minute and my god it’s awful! Congratulations on your baby girl! 🙂

    Jess @ http://www.juicyyyjesss.co.uk