Week 34 Pregnancy Update

I’ve seriously slacked with my pregnancy updates. After scrolling through my recent posts and realising that my last pregnancy post was over 12 weeks ago.. I just had to get writing an update before our little one arrives and I forget everything I wanted to share in the excitement of her arrival! We’ve been so busy with our shop and getting our house fully decorated, that I’ve definitely missed a few pregnancy updates on the way. I must admit though, It’s been pretty plain sailing. I guess we had all the bad luck at the beginning of the pregnancy, so I’ve definitely been able to enjoy the rest – let’s not jinx it though!

How I’m feeling?

The tiredness has definitely set in within the last few weeks. What I did think was a general pregnancy symptom of feeling pretty exhausted, was actually due to becoming anemic. This is fairly common in pregnancy, so I’m currently taking medication to get my iron levels up ready for labour. I’m already feeling a lot better, but I could definitiely fit in an afternoon nap every other day.

Weight Changes

I thought I had put on a ton a weight, but I weighed myself at my parents the other day and I was expecting my weight to be a lot higher!

How I’m changing?

We went away to Cornwall for the week at the beginning of September. I think the sea breeze must have got to me as my bump seriously grew. The baby is now head down, which I’ve found sleeping a lot easier as she’s not high in my ribs. At my last midwife appointment she was measuring larger than normal, but I don’t know if it was just due to the growth spurt.


Apart from a few symptoms which bothered me from having low iron levels and side effects from the medication. I’ve not had any other major symptoms. I’ve not even suffered with heart burn at all this pregnancy. I have been getting a little concerned by my itchy skin and will have my bloods checked at my next midwife appointment. Although, I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about and it’s just my temperamental skin playing up.


The baby is certainly moving a lot more as we’re reaching our due date. I’ve noticed less kicks and more actual turning this past week. I still find it so strange looking down at my stomach and seeing her sticking out on one side while she performs some kind of position change.


Apart from mashed potatoe (which I’ve craved throughout my whole pregnancy), there’s been nothing new. I’ve been suffering with sickness due to the iron medication, so I’ve not been able to enjoy food recently. I’ve also been really dehydrated in the afternoon and evenings. I’m hoping that’s another side effect of my medication.

Best Moment of this week…

Finally having most of the nursery finished! There’s only some minor bits to finish and I couldn’t be any more pleased with it.

Looking forward to…

Finishing decorating the rest of our house! My other half is busy with the paint brush and drill as we speak! I want our hallway and main bathroom fully decorated before she arrives. I would have loved to have decorated our dining room, utility room and two other bathrooms. But, we’ve definitely ran out of time.

I can’t believe how quick my pregnancy has flown by! I’m such an impatient person (forever clicking Next Day Delivery at checkout!). So, I’m so happy that even though these last final weeks may drag. At least the rest of my pregnancy hasn’t.


  • Claudia

    So glad things were plain sailing for you, minus the anemia, hope you’re feeling well in yourself. I can not wait to see the finished nursery, bet it’s going to be totally Pinterest worthy! Good luck with the last few weeks! xx

  • Aw I love the style that you have wrote this in! I can never decide if I feel pregnancy is going fast or not. On reflection it is, but sometimes its painfully long!

    Georgina Clarke – Pregnancy & Baby Blog